Most useful Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control Files (.msc files)

Hello, below you’ll find most useful Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control Files that would be timesaving solution in your daily administration work. Also table with .msc files available in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012

Most useful .msc consoles are:

1. Computer Management compmgmt.msc

I think this is the common console that we’re opening everyday

Computer Management compmgmt.msc

2. Device Manager devmgmt.msc

Also basic well-known console

Device Manager devmgmt.msc

3. Disk Management diskmgmt.msc

Fast access to useful console:

Disk Management diskmgmt.msc

4. Shared Folders fsmgmt.msc

Shared Folders fsmgmt.msc

5. Event Viewer eventvwr.msc

Known console:

Event Viewer eventvwr.msc

6. Services services.msc

Services services.msc

7. Task Scheduler taskschd.msc

Fast access to task scheduler

Task Scheduler taskschd.msc

8. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security WF.msc

Simple to learn

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security WF.msc

9. Local Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc




Local Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc

10. Local Users and Groups lusrmgr.msc

Looser console :)

Local Users and Groups lusrmgr.msc

.msc files in Windows 2008 and Windows 2012

MSC file nameMMC nameWindows Server 2008Windows Server 2012
adfs.mscActive Directory Federation Services (AD FS)+
AdRmsAdmin.mscActive Directory Rights Management Services++
adsiedit.mscADSI edit++
azman.mscAuthorization Manager++
certlm.mscCertificates (Local Computer)+
certmgr.mscCertificates (Current User)++
certsrv.mscCertification Authority++
certtmpl.mscCertificate Templates++
CIADV.MSCIndexing Service+
CluAdmin.mscFailover Cluster Manager++
comexp.mscComponent Services++
compmgmt.mscComputer Management++
da6to4.mscPerformance Monitor (Network Interfaces)+
daiphttps.mscPerformance Monitor (HTTPS traffic)+
daipsecdos.mscPerformance Monitor (IPsec)+
daisatap.mscPerformance Monitor (ISATAP)+
datrds.mscPerformance Monitor (Teredo Server)++
devmgmt.mscDevice Manager++
dfsmgmt.mscDFS Management++
diskmgmt.mscDisk Management++
dnsmgmt.mscDNS Manager++
domain.mscActive Directory Domains and Trusts++
dsa.mscActive Directory Users and Computers++
dssite.mscActive Directory Sites and Cervices++
eventvwr.mscEvent Viewer++
FailoverClusters.SnapInHelper.mscFailover Cluster Manager++
fsmgmt.mscShared Folders++
fsrm.mscFile Server Resource Manager++
fxsadmin.mscMicrosoft Fax Service Manager++
gpedit.mscLocal Group Policy Editor++
gpmc.mscGroup Policy Managerment++
gpme.mscGroup Policy Managerment Editor++
gptedit.mscGroup Policy Starter GPO Editor+
gptedit.mscLocal Group Policy Editor+
HCSCFG.MSCHealth Registration Authority++
idmumgmt.mscMicrosoft Identity Management for UNIX++
iis.mscInternet Information Services (IIS) Manager++
iis6.mscInternet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager++
lsdiag.mscRD Licensing Diagnoser+
lusrmgr.mscLocal Users and Groups++
Microsoft.IdentityServer.mscAD FS+
NAPCLCFG.MSCNAP Client Configuration++
nfsmgmt.mscServices for Network File System++
nps.mscNetwork Policy Server++
ocsp.mscOnline Responder++
perfmon.mscPerformance Monitor++
pkiview.mscEnterprise PKI++
printmanagement.mscPrint Management++
remoteprograms.mscRemoteApp Manager (Local)+
rrasmgmt.mscRouting and Remote Access++
rsop.mscResultant Set of Policy++
SanMmc.mscStorage Manager for SANs (Local)+
sbmgr.mscRemote Desktop Connection Manager+
ScanManagement.mscScan Management++
secpol.mscLocal Security Policy++
ServerManager.mscServer Manager+
storagemgmt.mscShare and Storage Management++
storexpl.mscStorage Explorer+
taskschd.mscTask Scheduler++
tpm.mscTrusted Platform Module (TPM) Management++
tsadmin.mscRemote Desktop Services Manager+
tsconfig.mscRemote Desktop Session Host Configuration+
tsgateway.mscRD Gateway Manager++
tsmmc.mscRemote Desktops+
virtmgmt.mscHyper-V Manager++
wbadmin.mscWindows Server Backup++
WdsMgmt.mscWindows Deployment Services++
WF.mscWindows Firewall with Advanced Security++
wlbadmin.mscWindows Server Backup+
WmiMgmt.mscWMI Management++
WSRM.mscWindows System Resource Manager++
wsus.mscUpdate Services+
Comparison Table Windows Server 2008 vs. Windows Server 2012

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