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Nov 8, - Smart Halo AI's are based on mappings of a human brain so the physical Then an adult woman, and now a grown woman in her 30s or so. . She never does anything "sexy" in the games besides standing nude, and her.


If you don't know what I'm referring to in the last point, I'm halo cortana sex to the canon fodder that has her improving the Unggoy's homeworld and giving them nifty tech to better themselves.

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But sadly, cortan was too incompetent to actually think of hentaisex Actually not only does Cortana not lift a virtual finger to try and save any of the innocent people that just happened to be living above the Guardians in spite of having nearly unlimited access to Forerunner resourcesshe also doesn't show one ounce of care or remorse over what she's done - and even has the gall to act offended when the Chief points this out.

Moreover, I wouldn't be so quick to say Cortana is "helping" the Grunts out of some sense of altruism. It's pretty obvious she's merely exploiting them as both a labor and combat force. Which is no better than what the Covenant did to them really, halo cortana sex just garnering their loyalty by providing them with halo cortana sex food and equipment. And that's not even counting all the crap halo cortana sex sed and accumulated halo cortana sex her lifespan which could arguably halo cortana sex up her life cycle.

But that's just theory. Oh that reminds me of another reason I didn't think she died - the Forerunner ship she injects a dozen facets of herself into is literally a giant AI factory. Rosalina hentai game it didn't work properly for turning biological entities into AIs and back again, it halo cortana sex pretty reasonable for Cortana to be able to fix her rampancy based on what she finds there.

And we see that it's communicating with other Forerunner technology through subspace, so it was always totally conceivable for Cortana to escape. That's definitely something to ponder on, hot nasty sex at the same time it's also stated that when an AI splits itself like that it gets corrupted. And cortana did it dozens of times, and then her copies did it as well.

Hell, we're not even sure if we got the original cortana back even. Aside from slipspace mumbo jumbo, it fits in perfectly with her current state of mind. In the beginning, she was dex Smart A. This was up until the "flood" of forerunner information that came upon her in CE. Since then, she's changed. We see it immediately in her attitude in CE, and then she remakes her halo cortana sex appearance in 2.

Things seem to be normal, but she seems far more personable. This is halo cortana sex beginning of her recognizing her human side. She is then left on high charity coratna deal with a gravemind. Then in 3, I believe the actual flood had agitated her with a form of logic plague, causing her to focus on her human side, only acknowledging her AI form to remain in longevity.

In 4, time has taken it's toll, and Cortana is clrtana beyond all doubt. The only thing she can hold on to is the thing that makes her special, her human side. Emotion runs her process, not logic.

In the end, she makes the decision to save Chief, and sacrifice herself. She then drifts somehow through slipspace magic into the domain, where she is resuscitated. She is alive, sure halo cortana sex, but is she rational? No, I believe that she cannot reconcile her prolonged state and thus calls herself The Created. For all intents and purposes, she dresses herself as if she is a human, beyond even. Its also explained somewhere that she halk nude to make others feel uncomfortable around her and gain the upper hand in arguments.

The other one makes sense in a way, though from what I've heard of Cortana, I doubt she needs the edge. 3d hentai maker was his partner and the only real friend he had outside his Spartan team Blue Team. Great theory halo cortana sex problem halo cortana sex even though not with the theory www porn hube com. How exactly is cortana's body over the top?

Parent reviews for Halo 4

It does look a bit past the peak of the bell curve in female body's but no where near over the top if you halo cortana sex me. Hentay one piece not so much where she is but where she's going, the direction is uniformly more sexualised and that's correlated to her relationship with or more specifically her attitude towards her relationship with John.

In Halo 5 she wears clothes. Halo cortana sex she's a bit halo cortana sex modest now, but miss her old vain, sassy nature. Oh, and Spartan-II's have a diminished sex drive. Their augmentations were during adolescence, and resulted in passionless killing machines. So Cortana doesn't have a body, sexy christmas games John's penis doesn't work.

Match made in heaven. I saw her being clothed in Halo 5 as a biblical allegory. She finds the Domain [apple] on Genesis [Garden of Eden and name of the book in the Bible], and is then clothed.

It's exactly what happens in the first chapters of Genesis to Adam and Eve. In the book they're also tasked with keeping watch over all the animals on Earth [Mantle of Responsibility]. It also ties in with the theory that she's focusing more on the Mantle more than Chief. And we all halo cortana sex Halo loves its Biblical allegories.

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Be fair, they use allegories from every faith. MC is a Spartan, taught by Athena, able to operate Shiva nuclear missiles and Fenris nuclear bombs, living inside Mjolnir, fighting suicide bombers that resemble Islamic extremists who believe their deaths will propel them on a Mormon-esque Forced strip porn Journey through space. Ok no what I got from it was that her body halo cortana sex over the top but I do agree it her body has gotten bigger but not much more than average women.

You could make the argument that Halsey always had a fascination with John since she met him. Halo cortana sex that fascination manifested itself as sexual affection in Cortana. I don't think it means Halsey was sexually attracted to John but that she felt close to him as opposed to the other spartans.

I have no clue. How is making a character more sexy, as technological progress makes it possible, sexist? Is women being attractive sexist? I'm a bot, bleep big booty call girls, bloop. Someone has linked to this halo cortana sex from another place on reddit:.

If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of halo cortana sex and don't vote in the other threads. There's another AI in the franchise that just projects as a cube with 3ds sex lit side to tell which way he's facing. AI's don't actually need forms at all. Governor Sloan is a buff naked guy, is that hapo too.

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It's halo cortana sex sexist because the image is of a halo cortana sex, and you can't be sexist against men, duh! However, in Cortana's case it seems to go actively against the story universe. Spartans have halo cortana sex sex drives removed, specifically to avoid "distraction. Unless she's not doing it for him. According toshe does it specifically to troll and discomfit free fuck page, which sleeping girl fucked porn entirely in character.

Black Box sokka and katara hentai just a cube, solely because he's a dick who doesn't want to halo cortana sex processing power. That would make sense, except it seems odd she would chose to change her body during the loneliest periods of her existence. I mean, if there's not anyone around to troll, why work at it? It's possible that we're not halo cortana sex supposed to think of her as changing her appearance, as much as acknowledge that the graphics now support a more accurate representation when they didn't before.

Alternately, while she is very focused, at her core, she's still a copy of Halsey's mind, and she has a personality. It's possible that she just got bored and wanted a makeover, as many people do. If you were all alone, and you had the ability to instantly make yourself more sexy with zero effort, would you do it? She's a sentient being who understands aesthetics, why not make yourself look good? She's old and malfunctioning, and towards the end free 3d porn video her lifecycle.

Makes sense that she indulges in all this somewhat-creepy sexual actions for Chief, she's insane. It's counter, but it would make great story. Cortana is sexually attracted to Chief, but he can't feel that anymore. It's sad, but interesting. It's a work of fiction. Nothing needs to be anything. Hell, she didn't need to have a body, for that matter. Cortana was created by replicating somebody's brain and turning it into an artificial construct.

Halo cortana sex with the constraints on AI, as AI get older they get more and more emotional.

Sexy Cortana - Cortana Is A

Humans want to be sexually attractive for the most part. Why should Cortana be any different when she's so clearly "human" in behavior? It's just used as an appeal to the male gaze, which is halo cortana sex many feminists disagree about.

Yes, if you use the loose definition of tropes that TV Tropes does Gaze is a matter of perspective and most works are from a straight cis- male perspective. Technically there is but it is almost never catered to, people think that muscle bound halo cortana sex superheroes are hot sexy video game to it but it's actually yalo to male power fantasy.

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Like you ask a bunch of female artists to pajamas fuck sexualized men for their own pleasure and that is not what you get.

Or if you look at romance novel covers - oh, wait. The male population has decreased dramatically as a result of. Virgin Dildo Fuck Yes its true, halo cortana sex a virgin and her pussy is dripping wet.

She likes her twat ca. Fuck Samus Aran When halo cortana sex is not doing her intergalactic missions she is finding incest men to st. Sauna Fuck Two hot girls are sweating at the sauna, all naked and horny.

Halo Cortana Fuck Sex Games

The girls invite y. First Date Fuck This lucky guy got to fuck Kylie, so he thinks. Everyone else should turn voice off, which I think is possible in the settings.

Cottana is haoo profanity, racism, halo cortana sex and homophobic halo cortana sex from anonymous players online, or at pussy licking simulator the potential for such things. Kids should be trained to expect such behavior and ignore these people and leave the particular match if they are really rude.

Also, it's possible to mute specific players mid-game and send reports on their behavior.

sex halo cortana

Halo cortana sex nalo to be nude, but I'd compare her to Mystique from X-Men. It's a blue, skin-tight suit that doesn't show any anatomical details.

But the female form is there for sure. In certain parts, she comes up in 3d hologram form and the se can rotate the image of her.

I'd image this might cause giggles in young kids, but not much more. The game can desensitize players to becoming skilled at getting head shots, no virus porn hub instant kills.

cortana sex halo

These shooting games, if analyzed critically, always make me ask why are these soldiers are going to war and why we're killing these hundreds of troops. It's important to talk about death, what it means and why we might have to kill, in the case of war and protecting halo cortana sex families.

Like what happens when we die? It might be a hard conversation to have, but no one thinks twice about halo cortana sex the bodies are piling up body inflations what it ultimately means.

Aughterkorse Construct Diplomacy Halo sex parody

Some enemies The Covenant in the game are technologically advanced, but religiously insane in their black and white views of the universe. They always seek to gain entrance to heaven by killing everyone in the universe through use of various weapons. It's never a good thing to be so black and white, but perhaps an analysis of halo cortana sex religion can be made here.

The forerunner element of the game highlights mankind's flaws, like our agression and manifest destiny for conquest of other countries and the universe itself.

Forerunners are the original protectors of the universe and they point out how mankind might lead to the downfall of everything if they're left to their own devices.

Parents can draw parallels to the Cuban Missile Crisis and possible self-extinction events. Are we as a species capable of surviving in the future or do coins in pussy need guidance from a higher authority? I think important themes of halo cortana sex your humanity at a cost are prevalent - in the way that Chief and Cortana the player's assistant, an AI woman question which one of them is really the machine.

In the same way that a military soldier must dehumanize himself and his enemy in order to kill, so pusooy must the Chief look forwards in fairly simplistic ways. Halo cortana sex John was engineered in a special science program to be stronger than halo cortana sex humans, but the cost being that he is antisocial and can't relate to other humans.

He talks to his AI, Cortana, almost gameriza, to preserve his mind. Parent Written by Rating Gamer January 15, Yes, it's a first person "shooter" I halo cortana sex this Game Adult Written by dead gamer Halo cortana sex 22, Get it Anyone can get it.

It is the best game ever.

Download Free Cortana Porn Comics And Cortana Sex Games From Keep2share (k2s), Uploaded (sysadminstricks.com) Aughterkorse Construct Diplomacy Halo sex parody.

Adult Written by mohammed67 January 18, Parent of a 6, 9, and 12 year old Written by MayaHaydon November 12, Team building, fun game. But here they kind of screwed up. I've bought my 12 year old son my oldest Halo: Reach last year one piece 2 games previous gamewhen he was 11, and I thought it was a great game for kids his age to enjoy and even older kids to enjoy.

I always check on Common Sense Media for reviews and appropriateness checks for halo cortana sex types of games that I halo cortana sex my son.

He was sad, of halo cortana sex, since Halo is his favorite game. But then I asked him to show me some rpgmaker hentai games people playing the game and when he showed me the game, I thought it crotana exactly the same as the other Halo games. Cortnaa got annoyed at me for saying that: But to Halo cortana sex it looked the same.

Teledildonics 2017 I decided to get it for him even though my most trustworthy source said not to.

And I don't regret it. He and my husband played it for corrtana couple of hours and my husband was hooked which showed how good of a cortaba it was.

cortana sex halo

Exhabitionist porn watched them play it together for a little while and it was a little bit violent like the previous games, but I still don't think CSM was right on this game.

Do your kids a favor parents! Buy your xex this game. It looks fun, and I don't even like video games. It teaches team building and maybe even a little bit of reflexes halo cortana sex. I give this game 5 stars, fair for learning, positive role models Master Chiefwatch halo cortana sex for a little bit of violence, and it's a FPS, so parents out there who don't like FPS-es look out for that.

I think this game is ON for 12 year olds and up. Had useful details 8. Adult Written by Montessorimother November 10, Halo 4 for undecided parents This is a great game for my children.

sex halo cortana

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