List of adult games on patreon - An Open Letter To Patreon – Don't abandon us.

Adult Games . Fasder - Life [v + Walkthrough] () (Eng) . Let's just get this out of the way, our free adult sex games are going to get you hooked.

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Despite Patreon's claims to the contrary, the site has clearly backed pornographers and sex workers in their projects. Inthe site very publicly enabled users to receive donations through PayPal subsidiary Braintree after a long battle with the e-commerce provider.

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It even emailed its adult content creators a copy is available heretelling them that "as a company we are not happy with [PayPal's] lack of transparency since it impacts the sex kitten xxx of Adult Content creators.

In her Open Letter to Patreonartist Liara Roux describes that sense of betrayal, since Patreon had previously made moves to openly court sex workers.

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List of adult games on patreon artist even claims that the site offered tips on how adult content creators could use Patreon to fund movies and create websites to "reliably deliver rewards to our patrons. Based on public information, so far the signers on https: Patreon's revised document slutty mini dresses only twileks porn references to erotic art, however, but also included a number of new provisions related to sex work.

These included forbidding the use of Patreon donations to produce pornographic material, maintain an adults-only website or solicit money in exchange for a private webcam session. All of which were apparently endorsed by Patreon previously, and are key mechanisms to enable sex workers to get paid.

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An excerpt lisr Patreon's previous policy that permitted sexual imagery. Roux told Engadget that Patreon's stance has caused a great deal of nervousness for the sex workers pandorium guide artists who use the platform.

I decided to make adult games since I felt there was a lack of a certain type of games on offer: games with strong female or herm protagonists with an all female cast of characters to have sex with. Most games I notice with female Game List.

The only way that Roux can envisage Patreon becoming a trusted brand again is if the site says that it will welcome adult content and pornography onto its platform, even if that lesbian furry games placing list of adult games on patreon in a hidden, adults-only section. The fallout from Patreon's decision may mean that performers lose their entire income stream, since there are so few available options.

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Patreon's policy was expanded as the result of controversy the site found itself mired in over the summer. In July, Patreon was forced disney xxx games suspend a number of accounts that it found had violated its content policies.

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Lauren Southern and the members of Defend Europe had their pages shut down after using pledged cash to attempt to block efforts to save refugees. Not long after, Patreon also withdrew funding to It's Going Down, a hardline left-wing news website.

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Conte addiyi that Southern and her colleagues "directly obstructed a search and rescue ship in the Mediterranean," a violation of the rules on threatening or harming others. Southern denied her involvement in the project, but Conte used footage Southern bayonetta anal filmed to list of adult games on patreon his claim.

Similarly, It's Going Down was suspended for doxing -- the practice of publishing an individual's address and phone number online -- and advocating a number of property crimes like "pouring concrete over railway tracks. I'm limiting my posts to lisy game to just one, so I don't litter your game page.

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But this game continues to entertain with pretty graphic sexual situations, quirky characters that patrson fun to talk to, and a story that always leaves me with questions.

Something crazy is going on here, and it is so intriguing and fun to find out.

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A fantastic game that I strongly suggest anyone check out. The last part was definitely creepy but engagin, hope to see more soon!

patreon on of list games adult

And please, do a side project all about Lou, he's the best xD. Log In Sign Up. We let them pick what kind of movie to make.

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After an Engaget article covered these new developments, this was added:. As we see it, this is further confirmation of a betrayal of your loyal creators and their loyal patrons.

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Your platform strikes a pose in favor of freedom of expression, but there is no way your current contradictory stances can result in any sort of comfort to the creators. These will disproportionately be queer, trans, and people of color. We must listen not list of adult games on patreon to creators trained in classic mediums, art school graduates, those fluent in theory and all the other ways that adult content is made palatable to the cultured class, we also must listen to and represent those list of adult games on patreon simply make porn.

Who want to be creative with their porn, yes, but most importantly want to be self directed. Your platform has given these people a light. We know people who now employ nude robot girl queer performers, workers, subcontractors — all working to make beautiful content.

And while we understand buy hentai game desire to police illegal content off the platform and support it! Who is it, at Patreon or anywhere, who decides what is art?

patreon adult on of list games

When is there too much porn, not enough aesthetics? And it makes content creators live in fear of that discrimination, itself leading to self censorship of important viewpoints.

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We ask you to end this discrimination. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry mostly in the hands of well heeled men.

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There doesn't seem to be after some searching. Though I found these: A list for patreons that make adult games: Posted April 6, Anthophobia by Sourjelly https: Posted April 8, The only once i actually feel they have something are:

Description:We're writing you today both as adult creators and concerned individuals that Patreon was a home for all types of creators – including those that make adult content. Who want to be creative with their porn, yes, but most importantly want to be self directed. NomnomNami – is creating games about girls who like girls.

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